Monday, February 1, 2010

After The Grammy's Can We Get Back to Creativity in Music?

We feel as if we wasted 3 hours of our lives watching the Grammy Awards last night. The music industry is so desperate for money that they have turned the awards into a pure celebration of who sold the most units. What we call the Wal-Martization of music was on full display. Can you say country pop? We apologize to all of our blog readers who like country pop, but it annoys the heck out of us. LOL!

Musicianship, individualistic style, and just overall coolness were missing last night. In our opinion, we might add! The other questionable development with the Grammy's was the awarding of many of the Black and Hispanic music categories in the non-televised portion of the show. Vapid is the word that best describes what we witnessed. Anyway, enough of our rant.

Here are a few artist that CultureLab would like to acknowledge for holding up the light of creativity and excellence in music:

This West Coast hip hop production duo get props for getting Kool Keith and Tom Waits on the same track, awesome video too!

We are pumped for the queen of soulful creativity, Ms. Erykah Badu. If this track is any indication, New Amerykah Part 2 will be the hotness. Unique vocalization, unique sound and even L'il Wayne spits a few good verses.

Lupe Fiasco should have been on that Grammy stage last night doing this song!

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