Monday, January 25, 2010

Update on Trends for 2010

OK, one month down, 11 more to go! With January almost finished, we are already feeling validated with some of the predictions we made for 2010. Recently a few articles were published that supported a couple of our predictions. Also, recent developments on the political scene give us further validation on our prediction about rage and dissatisfaction with the status quo.

One of the projections we made was that "Out of Brokenness: New Ideas and New Industry" . This article published on January 9th, 2010, supports our point of view.

"The Return of Rage and Dissatisfaction in Music, and Politics:
Frustration at the status quo"

Last Tuesday, late Senator Ted Kennedy's seat was won by a Republican, Scott Brown, who ran as a populist or "man of the people" and won. Massachusetts is an overwhelmingly Democratic state, almost 3 to 1, Democrat to Republican. Analysis of voters however showed that their choice for Brown was driven by their dissatisfaction with what was taking place in Washington.

"Couponing, and Thrift/Discount Shopping are here to stay"

The economy has not really recovered and most likely will not recover with unemployment levels remaining high. This article also published in the NY Times on January 8, 2010 takes a look at the impact of the economy and the ongoing need for discounting and specials at restaurants to keep customers coming in, particularly young people.

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