Sunday, September 14, 2008

Top Fashion Trends Among Urbanized Youth and Young Adults

Late 80's-

  • The Look: Bright vivid colors, leggings, shutter shades, retro track jackets, and colored skinny jeans are just a few example elements to this style. Fanny Pack of MTV's America's Best Dance Crew is a clear representation of late 80's fashion in the new era.

Photos by: icanteachyouhowtodoit, Kerosene Photography, Molly Bewigged,

Urban Streetwear/Skate Punk-

  • The Look: Independent urban labels (Huf, The Hundreds, Crooks and Castles), graphic tees, fitted caps, and exclusive sneakers (Nike SB Dunks, for example). The Urban Streetwear and Skate Punk styles are interchangeable, borrowing various elements from one another (with the exception of skinny jeans, which is a fashion component of the skate punk look.)
A sub-genre to this fashion style brings back retro accessories, such as "Dookie-Rope Chains" and Cazal sunglasses, to 2008.

Photos by:, harry525, mr.l, 416style


  • The Look: Fitted shirts and jeans, v-neck shirts, flashy jewelry, and wallet-chains. "Gettro" is a coined-term [1] which refers to a mix of Ghetto and Metro fashion styles. Music artist, Lil' Wayne is among the current celebrities sporting this style.
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Lil Wayne- Gettro
Lil Wayne Fashion
Fitted jean + wallet-chain

Metro Casual-

[1] Credit to: Brian Surigao