Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Hundreds is HUGE!!

photos by Tony Mendoza

In the past few years, urban street wear has become one of the fashion trend to watch. Today, if you visit the Fairfax district in L.A. or Haight St. in San Fransisco, its not all too surprising to see a long line wrapping around the corner of people of all ages, races, and social classes just to get the latest fitted caps. To illustrate how big a phenomenon urban street wear is, take The Hundreds clothing company for example.

The Hundreds can be described as a clothing company "inspired by LOS ANGELES LIFESTYLE / CALIFORNIA CULTURE and Southern California’s skateboarding, surf, punk, and hip-hop cultures." The company has steadily grown in the past five years and has caught the attention of many industry giants. They have been featured in New York Times Magazine, CNN Money, Giant Robot, KoreAm, MuchMusic Television, and T Magazine.

How huge is The Hundreds? Big enough to draw attention from media and entertainment behemoth, Disney. The Hundreds booth at the recent MAGIC 2008 Conference (Mens Apparel Guild In California) displayed several photos of Disney created characters outfitted in the urban street wear style. The Walt Disney Company has chosen to team up with The Hundreds in a unknown project, however their collaboration has not been made official just yet.

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