Monday, April 21, 2008

Negro en Español

The multicultural market is shifting in America today where Hispanics are now top of mind and Blacks are second tier. Advertisers simply can't ignore the numbers. Research shows by 2015 the U.S. Hispanic population will increase to 33%
of the total U.S. population.

In 2005, my partner, Kevin, and I had the opportunity to do a print campaign for Nokia LTA. For the campaign, we traveled to Brazil and became cultural tourists, immersing ourselves in the vibrant, colorful culture of the country. By taking away the two-way mirror and hanging with our new Brazilian friends on their own turf, we gained their trust and they were quick to share their thoughts and opinions. The experience and knowledge we gained on this trip was instrumental to the success of our Nokia campaign. And three years later, we are still working to become Cultural Ambassadors who build a bridge of understanding between cultures.

When we develop creative, we do our research and study culture first, including our own. Kevin and I don’t insist we know what
African-Americans want because we are African-Americans. We still do research to understand this audience. For any culture we will do our due diligence in understanding the nuances that resonate within the culture.

Today, there are several multicultural ad shops who say they "know " their culture and yet they put out advertisement that can
hit or miss. And many of those multicultural ad shops haven't even considered how to reach the fast growing ethnic group - the mixed race / bi-racial audience. Where do they fit in and what advertisement gets their attention?

The general market shops are also starting to realize they need help with the multicultural market. They are finally starting to understand through metrics that the work they are creating is not hitting the mark.

With new technology, there are many ways to reach a target audience be they African-American, Hispanic, bi-racial, young, old or somewhere in between. At CultureLab we help companies reach their target audience. We take an account planning approach to our clients and expertly develop advertisement that resonates with its target audience.

For many companies, reaching the Hispanic community will become a higher priority. Having done work in Latin America, we are eager to begin creating campaigns for Hispanic Americans. At CultureLab, we've been closely studying Hispanic cultures under our microscopes. We understand it is far more than Mariachi bands, banda and salsa. And we look forward to developing effective work that takes into account and celebrates the various cultures and lifestyles of Hispanic Americans.

I guess you can say we are Negro en Espanol!

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