Saturday, January 31, 2009

Urban Elegance-Trend to Watch For!

In our Twenty Trends to Watch For in 2009 we made mention of a developing trend of African American/Urban elegance in fashion, and music videos. What jazz musicians used to call "clean" is back in vogue. Check out this new video from one of the godfathers of the progressive soul movement, Raphael Saadiq. It is retro yet modern which kind of describes what the new "urban elegance" is all about.

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Taylormade said...

I definitely feel this is the move of this year, but instead of being "urban" this style is simply an appropriation of early American style (ralph lauren?) with a heavy European influence. I'm forecasting heavy knits in winter (shawl collar), lots of ties and bow ties, driving caps, khaki's, flannel's and button ups, paired with boots and moccasins.

Check out brooklyn circus. They are a little ahead of the game, but that's one trend to keep an eye on.

Streetwear is dead dead dead.