Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Youth Interviews

written and videotaped by Priyanka Patel and Errol Veloso

Recently, at Culturelab, we have added a new method of research to our repertoire: Video Blogging, to stay up with the times. In our first of many installations, we have gone around the Dallas area to interview youth on their lifestyles.

We learned some of interesting things when conducting these interviews. For example, the youth that we spoke to were really feeling the effects of the economic downturn, instead of it being something abstract to them. Surprisingly (or maybe not so much so) they were either cutting back their spending in order to prepare for worse times ahead or getting extra work to support their lifestyles, throwing that theory out the window that youth don't plan ahead for the future.

Some trends that we learned about from these youth is that the old school 80s music and fashion are back in. This was illustrated from the music they listened to, that incorporated electro in their music, to their fashion seen through the types of wayfarer glasses (think Tom Cruise in Risky Business) they were wearing. Another important thing that I learned from these youth is that they develop their interests based on what their friends are doing and heavily rely on them for advice for most everything that they do.

As trends continue to evolve, we at Culturelab hope to stay on top of them in the coming weeks and months ahead. Stay tuned!

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