Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mobile Technology, and the Youth Market

Needed to send an email, but had no internet access? Wanted to send a text but had your hands tied? Queue in Jott, a free service that transcribes your voice to SMS text, email, or even a blog post.

Scenario: You are on your way to work but get caught in morning rush-hour traffic. You needed to send an important email to a client, but had no way of getting internet access. Simply call Jott’s 866 number, choose your contact, speak, and it’s sent! Fast, efficient and easy to use. It even allows you and the recipient to review the recording, just in case there were any speech-to-text errors. See list below for other things you can accomplish through Jott:

- Schedule events

-Set up a Reminder

-Text message yourself, a friend, or a group

-Make a blog post

-Search for items, and receive the results in your email

- Get the latest updates on news, weather, and blog updates right in your ear

- Email yourself, a friend, or a group

Visit for more of Jott’s services.

Living in the digital age, youth and adults alike know the importance of staying connected. And with the California Texting and Driving Law in-effect, it is also important to stay safe and legal. Jott lets us accomplish both through its easy to use service; a perfect solution for our many needs.

Youth and Mobile Tech

Services like this seem to be a natural step in the evolution of mobile technology. With that said, it is critical to acknowledge the importance of mobile tech and services.

Youth and Mobile Facts

- 1.1 billion youth own a mobile phone

- The lifetime value of a mobile youth consumer is $28,000

- By 2010 youth will spend $300 billion on mobile phones and services

Clearly, a market that cannot be ignored.

In the political world, mobile technology has already been recognized as a powerful tool to help reach out and connect with young adults. The Jott the Vote service, for instance, allowed anyone to call and leave a message for any of the presidential candidates.

Even the Pope has recognized its importance, and has used mobile technology to reach out to youth!

Pope Goes Digital to Better Connect with Youth

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