Friday, July 11, 2008

Wii Want More!

written by Errol Veloso
photo by Gwire

The Nintendo Wii console is one of the hottest items out on the market today. It continuously tops the sales charts, and maintains its supremacy over Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's Playstation 3. Despite being released almost two years ago, the Wii is still disappearing off of store shelves making it nearly impossible to get one unless you reserve it in advance. In fact, the demand for Wii's is so high that people have formed online communities that help locate where it’s in stock, and also share tips on getting the best deal.
Your child wants one, and chances are you want one too. It generates worldwide buzz and retail shortages. So, what is it about the Wii that makes it different from any other console?

Until recently, the video game industry has mainly targeted hardcore gamers, alienating many potential players. With the Wii, however, Nintendo is able to market to a wider audience ranging from youths to adults, and even the elderly. The reason behind this is their less intimidating approach to gaming.

1. Controls- Other consoles on the market utilize complex controls and button combinations as opposed to the Wii, where controls are as simple as a wave of the hand. This is possible through the “Wii-mote’s” motion sensing technology allowing for controls that are fun and easy to learn.
2. Content- Along with simple controls, many games for the Wii are designed to be easy to pick up and play. Simple rules and simple game-play help bridge the gap between gamers and non-gamers attracting adults who would not normally play video games. Additionally, games such as Wii Fit help draw in even more consumers through its fun and easy way to stay fit and healthy.
3. Price- At the price of $250, the Wii is substantially cheaper than the Playstation 3 ($399 for the base model). However, Microsoft’s price drop for the Xbox 360 ($279 base model) makes for some formidable competition.

Nintendo’s move to reach out to casual gamers and non-gamers is proving to be highly beneficial not only for the company, but the industry as well. And it seems this video game juggernaut is nowhere near losing steam.

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