Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hot Brands Among Latino Youth

20 Hot Latino Brands

A recent report prepared by The Intelligence Group identified a list of brands that are viewed most favorably by young Latino consumers.

According to the study, Hispanic youth said these brands "do the best job of creating products/services for Latinos like me" (in alphabetical order):

> Baby Phat
> Coke
> Dickies
> Ecko Unlimited
> Foot Locker
> Goya
> J Lo
> Levi's
> McDonald's
> Microsoft
> Nike
> Pepsi
> Rocawear
> Sony
> Taco Bell
> Target
> T-Mobile
> Univision
> Wal-Mart
> (Source: Marketing Y Medios, 04/21/08)

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MHB said...

taco bell? curious does Dickies market to Latino youth? and of note is that only 3 (Goya, J-Lo and Uni)
are native spanish speakers. not so much surprised that there aren't more, but that some brands might say "oh, cool, i didn't know this demo liked me. let's market to them now" - and i wonder how they'll do this...

Anonymous said...

not nearly as huge as any of these brands, but I wonder to the Topo Chico family of soft drink brands is the next big cross over brand from mexico into the states? ..it's getting alot of multicultural buzz in texas?