Monday, April 30, 2007


CultureLab was given the assignment of trying to change the perception of Bluetooth headsets among the 18-25 young adult demographic throughout Latin America and to effectively market Nokia’s sleek new BH-800 headset. Nokia like other Bluetooth headset makers faced a challenge in convincing younger people to buy them.

The perception of Bluetooth headsets among this group was that they look too “techy” and too “dorky.” Generally, the demo tend not to wear them because it makes them look uncool.

From a pure product perspective the Nokia BH-800 is a winner with it’s sleek look, metallic color and small size.

The resulting ad campaign was developed to go against the grain and to communicate more of the emotional benefit of wearing this sleek headset. Instead of following the usual concepts of Bluetooth headsets, CultureLab wanted to show how a fashionable headset can not only make you look good but also make you feel sexy. Its like when a woman wears nice lingerie, or jewelry, or when a man puts on a tailored suit with a tie.

These ads were intentionally more risqué because of the creative license that Latin American advertising is given.

CultureLab succeeded in creating a new perception of Bluetooth headsets and effectively introduced the Nokia BH-800 in the LTA market.

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